This is a breed that is believed descended from a variety of cats of ancient Egypt. Today is one of the most popular breeds in USA. It is an animal of intermediate structure, muscular body, strong and slender limbs, long thin tail. His head is angled, middle nose, large, rounded ears, almond-shaped eyes. His hair is short, fine and close to the body. His coat is heather or tickiado, visual effect produced by the color bands along each hair; within them the Hare or Ruddy variant (brown coat with black mottled black padded red nose), the other is called Sorrel or red (lighter mantle, coppery tone, footpads and pink nose tip). In each case the tip of the tail defines the color of each variety. Regarding his character they are agile, active, affectionate, sociable, playful and affectionate applicants. The long-haired variant called SOMALI.