Belgian Sheepdog


From 1885 (when it received its definitive denomination la-Hubert Saint Royal Society of) the first selections of local pastors of all kinds of hair color, which led to the creation in 1891 of the Club of Belgian sheepdog were made. The top one hundred copies were chosen to determine the characteristics of a type model, achieved in 1892 and recognized by the leaders of the Belgian Shepherd dog breeding. On that date because the structure and skeleton of all selected shepherds looked very much like a single race with three varieties of hair and color variety is admitted. In 1898 the pastor long black hair and was baptized with the name of Groenendael, as the leading breeder working at the castle of that name, while the tawny-haired shepherd named after the Royal Castle of Laeken. By then, many clubs were created, which would prevent the coupling of variedades.En 1920 the current standard was drafted, but breeding was always performed within the same range and therefore there is no branch possessing all the qualities that he attributed.


Groenendael: long straight hair over the entire surface of the body except the head, outer side of the ears and lower extremities. The neck has long thick hair, arranged in a collar. The forearm carries at its outer edge from the elbow to the wrist a fringe of long hairs. The legs are long and abundant hair forming what is called short. The tail arranged in a plume.

Black coat color

It is the most widespread and perhaps the most beautiful of all the Belgian shepherds. Tervueren: Same as above but tawny, pulling as much as possible to the charcoal. Malian: Short hair all over the body, especially the head and under the limbs, semicorto thicker and thicker around the neck (where it draws a collar which rises in the base of the ear and goes to the throat) and around tail. The rear edge of the haunch wears a fringe of long hairs; the tail is slender. Color: The coat is fawn, with black sooty. Pastor of Laeken: Hard Hair, roughly equal in length throughout the body. The stop is therefore less apparent than in the short-haired variety. The black pigment must be very sharp at the tip of the nose and nails. The eyes are dark hazel. Color: golden tawny coat with soot on the snout and tail mainly.


This breed is alert, strong and brave, willing to work. It is a guard dog with great strength, liveliness and intelligence. They are attached to the family.


Are rustic dogs that do not require much care. Attention coat depend on the variety concerned, the Malinois is the short hair requires almost brushing; groenendael requires brushed the newspapers with greater emphasis on the time of year where shed hair.


At first they were used as sheepdogs. But because of its adaptability and easy training today can fulfill a number of functions as a guard, rescues, etc.