It was created in 1850 in Munich, between junctions with Bullembeisser Mastiff and Bulldog. One had been employed in bear hunting and the other in the fighting bulls. It was therefore expected that the Boxer was presented with fierce instincts of their ancestors; instead the intelligence gained by the coaches of the race always tried to eliminate aggressiveness and soften its appearance, giving little security. German race, therefore, obtained with the blood of Englishmen dogs.


It has been defined as “dog beautiful ugliness”. The head should be proportionate to the body, without wrinkles. Exceeds the lower jaw to the upper, curving upward. It must therefore be prognata, but without the teeth of the upper jaw and tongue are visible with the mouth closed. The nose is broad and black, with wide open nostrils. The ears are set high and pointed amputated, being right. They can compete in exhibitions with ears uncut, still hanging in that case. Dark eyes, round, strong and muscular neck without dewlap. The trunk may be within a square. The tail must be amputated and boot cut, high note. Forelegs straight and parallel. In the male the height should be between 57 and 63 cm, in the female between 52 and 59 weight 30-32 kg for males and for females between 24 and 25 kg.


Requires little maintenance as regards the maintenance of the coat. Although it adapts to live in apartment, needs plenty of exercise.


It is vigorous, great emotional stability, with great adaptation to family life as can adequately fulfill the role of guardian. Your response to obedience training is not outstanding, but well educated and trained responds correctly. With regard to its relationship with other congeners is very dominant, especially males not being aggressive but reacting to who defy him. Presents a moderate daily activity and their destructive behavior is low.