This is a breed originating from ancient Persia (now Iran) and Turkey. It is an animal, heavy, very muscular, with short legs and broad chest, the tail is too short lobby structure. His head is round, the nose is short and broad with a strong stop, ears are small, rounded and very separate. The eyes are round and large, copper or blue in white copies. Their fur is long, dense and very soft. With regard to color there are different types of classification:
– Uniform or solid colors (black, blue, brown, red, white)
– Bicolor and can be tricolor females. (white plus another color).
– Hatches with the base of white hair and colored tip (chinchilla, smoking) – Tabbys or brindle
Siamese (which is considered as breeders as a breed apart: Himalayan) is an animal very docile, passive, manageable temperament, it is especially suited to small spaces, it is very sedentary, hence it is known as “cat cushion “