This breed originated in Thailand, where they were considered sacred animals, being reserved only for persons of royal blood and priests. Today is one of the most appreciated and disseminated races. It is a stylized animal, very thin and long limbs, like his tail. Its head is triangular, thin with big ears. In all cases the eyes are elongated and blue. The coat is short, attached to the body, soft, characterized by its typical color due to a gene that produces darker coloration in the color dots or “point” (limbs, tail, face, ears), the remainder beige color, which may fade over time. The colors are classified as:
– Seal point: dark brown
– Chocolate point: light brown
– Blue point: dark gray.
– Lilac point: light gray
– Red point: Orange
– Cream point: Light orange or cream at birth are almost white animals, marked the beginning to “point” from the sixth month.

With regard to his temperament, this is an animal, very active, sociable companion and “talkative”.