The Weimar braco belongs to an ancient race of bracos, born German Shorthaired Pointer and probably the schweisshund, bastard bloodhound. Created by mid-seventeenth century, this breed was the exclusive property of the Dukes of Saxe-Weimar until the late nineteenth century. Totally unknown outside his duchy of origin, not braco Weimar began to spread across the rest of Germany until the end of 1920.


Height: male between 59 and 70 cm. Females: 57 to 65 cm. Head: Delgada in proportion to height. Nose: dark colored flesh, gray on top. Dorsum of nose straight, sometimes slightly convex, never concave. Jaw muscles clearly visible. Eyes: amber. Ears: Broad and rather long, with rounded and high and narrow insertion points. Cola: cut half long. Tips: muscular and long. No spurs. Coat: short, thin and hard hair. Color: silver gray, deer, gray mouse or intermediate between these. Small white spots on chest or toes are welcome. There are a variety of long hair that certain breed clubs accept.


Being short and rustic hair care is very simple. Just brush them with some frequency. Require exercise.


It is a friendly dog, eager to work and full of energy. .Also Usually vigilant and protective. They are easy to train, but need insurance business itself because they are usually somewhat dominant. They are sociable with other animals and unfriendly to strangers. For hunting have the same attributes of the races created to fulfill this role; but unlike the pointer and setter are slower and less active.


Originally it was exclusively for hunting. But today is a good companion dog and has saved attitudes.