Scientific Research and Development

Technological linking agreements

Continuous commitment with science is carried out through professional groups and by technological linking agreements with official and private organizations.

Through these agreements, new products are researched, developed and field-tested under quality regulations established in national and international pharmacopoeias.

OVER diagnosis division

Diagnosis service unit conducts a broad spectrum of clinical analysis in large, medium animals and pets with a fast result communication (bacteriology, virology, parasitology, haematology, biochemistry, histophatology).

Confidence information and appropriate professional advisory service ensure efficacy of diagnosis and treatment of diverse clinical cases.

OVER and future: Nanotechnology

OVER is an argentine company that pledges its support for nanotechnology. It refers to a field of applied science aimed to work with particle properties at atomic and molecular scales and to develop new structures and optimum precision tools. Active drug release system is developed to reduce administration frequency, extend treatment effects and lessen animal stress.